Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Sandy.

Through experiences such as baby massage, baby yoga and story massage, I share practical tools supporting families to calm, connect and communicate.

I do this because I believe all babies and children deserve to feel love to be able to thrive. Despite their adorable features and being a pure representation of the miracle of life, babies and toddlers can be very difficult to ‘read’, it is incredibly exhausting to look after them and families go through a transition stage that can be very challenging.

My mission is to empower parents and caregivers to realise how their responsive interactions and nurturing touch can support their children's development and strengthen their bond. I facilitate spaces where families can relax and share experiences to make their journey into parenthood more joyful. The science behind the benefits of nurturing touch is fascinating and we all have a very special power literally in our hands. Through baby massage, baby yoga and story massage families can truly experience a shared gift of love.





My intention is to especially support children who have had a more challenging start in this world. For example, those with additional health care needs, foster care or adoption.

Besides, I run workshops specifically for dads, who are not always included. Most of the times, they want to get involved and connect and cherish memories with their babies too, as well as meeting other fellow dads to build friendships.

Touch is babies’ first language and the earlier you learn to use your power of touch to get to know each other as new parents and new baby the better! I offer workshops as early as pregnancy all through to pre-school age.

Get browsing in my site to know more about my story and the services I provide. I would love to meet you!

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I am a visual and experiential learner, and if you are too, perhaps you wouldn’t like to commit to attend a service you are perhaps unsure about. Come along and meet me for a cuppa in one of my free tasters for a space to ask questions and have a go learning a bit of baby massage, baby yoga or story massage.

If you are a charity or a venue supporting families, get in touch as I can happily run a taster in your setting.

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