Baby massage experience in Greenwich Nov 2018


Baby massage experience in Greenwich Nov 2018


Ideal experience for babies two months to pre-crawlers. Mums, dads or main caregivers welcome.

Massage is a wonderful and special gift you can share with your baby. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through it you can communicate love, security and trust. Baby massage can help you to understand your baby’s cues and develop your ability to listen and respond through the creation of a special time together.

This experience includes five sessions of an hour long at Ellie Brown's Greenwich Fitness & Pilates Studio.

Thursdays 12.30pm - 1.30pm 

1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2018 

Coconut oil and laminated handouts for parents included.

Babies with additional health care needs welcome, you will fill out a questionnaire when you click on checkout so I get more insight on the situation and I can always give you a call before hand to make sure I have all the information to make any necessary adaptation tailored to your baby.

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This experience is 5 sessions long, by the end you will learn baby massage movements on legs, feet, tummy, chest, arms, hands, face and back... but most importantly the benefits of your loving nurturing touch. 

The session will last one hour, there will be an intro and some info, and of course massage practice. I add on rhymes and songs to make it more fun and easier to remember. 

Classes are baby led, relaxed, friendly and fun!

You will get to know other parents, learn and relax.


This is a quick checklist of what you need, it is very simple: 

- Be ready to relax and enjoy the moment ;-) 

- Wear comfy clothes as we will be sitting on the floor

- A blanket or changing mat to put on floor so that baby can lay there (mats will be available but its nicer to put baby's cosy well-known blanket on top of the mat) 

- An extra blanket to cover baby in case he/she gets cold (the room will be warm but just in case)

- And of course, whatever you carry for baby when you go out (e.g. nappies, food, etc.)

I will bring demo dolls, music, handouts for you and oil. There will also be some cushions in case you need support when sitting. 


We are lucky to use Ellie Brown's Greenwich Fitness & Pilates Studio at 225 Greenwich High Road, London, SE10 8NB, between John Payne Estate Agent and a Dentist Surgery, down a short driveway. 

Very easy access via public transport (Greenwich Railway and DLR stations) and parking available nearby at the Sainsbury's local and surrounding roads (although parking isn't free). 

As it is coming to the winter months, I will try to make space for pushchairs inside of the studio, but it would be great if you bring your baby in a sling/baby carrier (if you can).