Baby massage  

Join a baby massage experience for parents and learn how to massage your baby using a range of massage strokes that can be very beneficial not only for baby, but also for you! Massage is a wonderful and special gift that you can share with your baby. Touch is your baby’s most developed sense at birth and through it you can communicate love, security and trust. Baby massage can help you to understand your baby’s cues and develop your ability to listen and respond through the creation of a special time together. With your instinctual, loving touch, you can lay down the foundations which can help you to build a happy and confident relationship with your baby for the future. 

The sessions are typically one-hour long (one per week), you can come for as long as you want to, booking in blocks is more fun, more learning and you also save up with good deals. Coconut oil is included, as well as handouts with images and explanations so that you remember the routine and practice it at home, and you also get a certificate of attendance if you come for 5 sessions or more. All handouts are laminated.

Private classes on a one to one basis or in a small group can also be arranged. 

I can also visit a children’s centre or community setting for a series of sessions or for one-off group sessions.


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What are the benefits? 

Benefits for your baby:

  • Relief from colic, wind, constipation and teething pain

  • Develops body awareness and coordination

  • Helps develop trust and build a sense of security

  • Increases relaxation and encourages deep sleep

  • Helps tone floppy muscles

  • Strengthens bonding and communication

  • Stimulates baby’s digestion, nervous and immune systems

  • Helps baby to feel loved, valued and respected

Benefits for parents: 

  • Helps you gain a deeper understanding of your baby's behaviour and body language

  • Provides an enjoyable opportunity for you to spend one-to-one time with your baby

  • Offers relaxing effects of giving your baby a massage, you feel relaxed too

  • Increases confidence in your ability to care for and nurture your baby

  • Builds social networks as you will meet new parents

  • Provides a life-long parenting skill


What do you learn?

You learn the baby massage strokes in various parts of the body, such as legs, stomach, chest, arms, face and back strokes. Some classes also include the colic routine. You will learn the benefits that each one of the strokes bring to you and baby and you will learn lots of interesting facts about how the baby's brain develops and why positive and nurturing touch is so important. I add nursery rhymes and songs to make the experience more fun! 

The added value of learning baby massage as a group, is that you will also get a chance to learn from the experiences of other mums and dads and build friendships. The added value of learning baby massage privately, is that you will receive one to one expert support in the comfort of your home. 


What's the investment?

It depends on location and number of classes, take a look at the online shop here. For private classes, get in touch to get a quote.


Special offers

Get a group of 5 or more together in your home and get 10% off in the full price of your course for being the host/hostess. Special offers available for children's centres, charities and community organisations. 


How is it taught?

The instructor teaches all sequences of the massage using a demonstration doll and the parents practice with their own baby. An extra doll is available in case a baby is asleep or doesn't want to be massaged at the time of the class, that way parents can still practice and learn the strokes. The group sits on the floor on floor mats. However, if you have any back problems or any other movement requirements, please let us know to make different arrangements to meet your needs. 


What to bring:

Very simple: a towel or blanket for baby to lie on, what you normally need for baby when going out (e.g. food, nappies, etc.), a small toy for baby, a cushion for you to sit on. 


Who can attend a class? 

Anyone who is the main carer of a baby! This could be: mum only, dad only, mum and dad, foster carers, parents who adopt a baby, mum and mum or dad and dad. 


How old can baby be?

Preferably, babies need to be from 8 weeks old to non-crawlers. Do get in touch if your baby is premature as baby massage can be extremely beneficial for premature babies. Or if your baby is less than 8 weeks and is very colicky as baby massage can help relief colic pain. 


How big are the groups?

Group sizes vary, for classes in your home, groups could be from 2 to as many families as you'd like to fit in your home. For classes in venues, group sizes are limited to 10 families. Remember that you can also book a private baby massage experience.


How about twins? 

You do not pay any extra if you have twins! However, you will only get one set of handouts per family.


What if my baby has medical condition or additional health care needs? 

Babies with a disability can benefit greatly from baby massage and they are welcome in any of my classes. Please contact me to discuss details.


What areas do we cover?

We cover the following London and Southeast postcodes: 

SE3 (Blackheath), SE6 (Catford), SE9 (Eltham), SE10 (Greenwich), SE12 (Lee, Hither Green and Grove Park), SE13 (Lewisham), SE18 (Woolwhich), BR1 and BR2 (Bromley), BR7 (Chistlehurst), BR5 (Orpington)

Do get in touch if you live somewhere else for a quote or we could link you with other great instructors in your area.  

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