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This is to know how old baby is so that I can tailor the baby massage or baby yoga experience to his/her age.
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Please provide details if baby has any of the below: - Chronic disease - Skin infections or broken areas - Immunisations prior to the class (it is recommended to wait 48-72 hrs after a baby has had a jab to resume baby massage or yoga, so try to schedule jab appointments away from the classes, if this is not possible, you can practice with a demo doll) - Hip problems - Heart condition - Any known allergies - Recent surgery - Convulsions or neurological issues - Asthma or respiratory problems - Any medication - Disability - Born prematurely Is there any relevant family medical history or anything else you would like to notify me before starting the baby massage or yoga experience? I welcome children with additional health care needs to my classes, this is just to know more about baby to ensure I tailor the experience the best way possible and adapting the massage according to baby's conditions/needs. In the case of twins please be specific of the needs of each baby, as situations might differ.
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