Comments from parents from South West London, or who attended classes at Cupcake Family Club: 

"We really enjoyed the course, Sandra was a lovely instructor who was very patient and made us feel relaxed with our baby. We have really enjoyed using the massage techniques at home on our baby and toddler. Thank you!" 

"Excellent course! Highly enjoyable & valuable bonding time with baby. Fabulous teacher, Sandra was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, welcoming & her genuine love of babies was abundantly clear. The perfect class for mum & new baby. Would highly recommend."

"The classes were friendly and informal but very informative - not only on massage but also other baby related topics. Good to learn techniques to help with colic / teething etc. Sandra was a really encouraging and enthusiastic teacher."


"It was a wonderful, relaxed course yet also very informative. Sandra is brilliant! She made the course very fun and it was a very calming, happy time for the babies. I especially found the tummy/colic massage lesson very helpful. Sandra also gave us laminated notes of each class which was very helpful as a lot to remember and doing my daughter's massage after bathtime meant it did not matter if the notes got a bit wet! I would highly recommend doing this course."

Comments from parents in South East London, who had classes in their homes: 

"I would like to thank Sandra for a really enjoyable course. It was lovely for me to have an activity to do and meet other mums, but my son also seemed to really enjoy it. We now try to do it before bedtime every evening and it really relaxes him. Thank you!"

"I enjoyed the exercise in a small group in a home. The atmosphere was very relaxed, as it should be, and informal. I thought the instructor's tutorials were very informative with a lot of background information."



What parents have enjoyed the most about baby massage courses, testimonials from parents in Lewisham, South East London: 

“The legs and arms. We enjoyed the wonderful nature of our instructor Sandra and we enjoyed meeting new mothers and babies”

“We enjoyed the leg massage”

“Quality time with  my baby - baby massage full routine, enjoyed the class”

“We enjoyed everything”

“Everything very good, Sandra very good tutor”

“Very good session, learning how to massage your baby”

“Interacting with other adults and babies, also learning to massage my baby”

“We enjoyed every session!!!”

“Meeting Sandra and the other babies and mums”

“Relaxing and bonding time”

“The hand and the feet massage”

What parents have learned: 

“To relate more with my baby, and I now know how to relax my baby better”

“How I can make my daughter to relax”

“Songs!! How to do the massage”

“Routine to use with my boy whenever I want to use it”

“I learned that there are many ways to help my baby's health and symptoms such as colds and colic. I learned that baby massage provides a good chance to bond with my baby"

“I learn how to massage her better than before like the face massage, stomach massage, so that she can sleep better”

“How to settle baby when unsettled and to relax”

Testimonials from parents in Ealing, North West London: 

“We loved to come for baby massage. Sandra was very helpful. She always listened to you. I think everything was brilliant. She taught well how to massage my baby, my baby was very active and very happy" 

"Well organised, calming, welcoming atmosphere. Sandra was very friendly and kind. Sessions well structured. Right amount of time taken to show each massage. We really enjoyed it and are sorry it has come to an end. Thank you very much!" 

"Sandra was very friendly and approachable. Keep up the good work!" 

"Very enjoyable! Friendly facilitator who explained everything well. All demonstrations were very clear" 

"Thank you for everything!"  

Comments from professionals who collaborated with Sandra in Lambeth, South London. 

"I was interested in collaborating with Sandra because she  was enthusiastic, communicative and showed a genuine interest in working in an outreach context in order to reach more difficult groups [...] I was struck by the care she took in understanding the issues and her professionalism when negotiating and adapting her programme.

Sandra’s work with the group was delightful. She was engaging with the mothers irrespective of language issues and she related warmly and respectfully to each baby. She created an atmosphere of trust and calm, she demonstrated care to everyone in the room and was careful to observe each mothers’ massage with her baby.

I also found Sandra  creative and open when discussing other work with infants and she was very helpful in offering the loan of equipment.

I hope I have the opportunity of working with her again"



Some interesting findings... 

These are some findings according to the latest report of baby massage courses led in South East London with over 30 parents/carers.  
96% of participants said baby massage helped baby ease colic
92% said it relaxed parent and baby
92% mentioned it provided quality time for parent and baby

More than 50% of participants said baby massage showed baby he/she is valued and loved and helped baby with constipation. Parents said that they built a social network of support for the family as they met other people during the classes.    

Over 30% of participants mentioned baby massage helped baby to sleep better, to tone floppy muscles and to relief teething pain.  Besides, it increased parents' confidence in handling baby. 

Most of the participants shared the baby massage with their partner. All of them practiced the baby massage routine at home during and after the course. All participants would attend another session and they all said they would recommend the baby massage course to other parent/carers.