Newborn nurture massage


Newborn nurture massage


Ideal experience for a newborn baby and his/her parents.

You could book one or two sessions in the comfort of the family’s home at a convenient time arranged by the instructor and the family. Each session lasts about 90 minutes, allowing plenty of time for baby to be up for it (as sessions are fully baby led so we understand that newborns need feeding, sleeping and changing constantly). Each session is £40 so at checkout make sure you specify the quantity of sessions you prefer.

Catchment area in southeast London: SE3, SE6, SE7, SE9, SE10, SE12, SE18 or East Sussex in Crowborough (TN6) and surrounding areas.


You can get a session booked before baby arrives (when mum is during her third trimester in pregnancy) or soon after to learn more about what is known as the ‘fourth trimester’ or the transition of baby from womb to the world. Also, a newborn baby massage colic routine you can use in the early days and some holds and nurturing gentle touch ideal for when babies are very little.


This includes a massage routine for babies 0 - 3 months, with more information about the benefits of nurturing touch and why baby massage can be a great gift of love to share with baby.

The ideal place in a home to do it is a living room or somewhere where we could sit on the floor, but the main thing is to choose a place where parents and baby feel comfortable.

Coconut oil and laminated handouts are included. Oil is not recommended to use before 6 weeks of age but some coconut oil will be given in the second session to use after baby is 6 weeks old. We will talk about oils and which ones are recommended for baby massage and why.

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